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Our history 

2009     Foundation

Multicultural Society of Boston was created by Katy Berndt and a group of friends in Boston, Massachusetts.

2012   Launch of Facebook page

The Multicultural Society of Boston is introduced on social media to friends and family and the general public by launching a Facebook Page, giving people the opportunity to participate in events and learn about the group. Organize their small get-togethers based on common interests.

2021   The Big Relaunch

A comprehensive website relaunch is kicked off, focusing on formalizing the membership.

Create a welcoming community of open-minded individuals. A secure space is full of useful advice from current and formal international people who reside or resided in the Boston areas and knowledgeable local community leaders committed to welcome and support diversity.

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To ensure the quality of the network, MCSB membership is by approval only. 


Who We Are

Highly qualified and motivated professionals


We are a world of opportunities to network and find professionals, scholars, and community leaders who embrace and value Boston's diverse population. We share meaningful information to grow and take advantage of the opportunities within the community and our home countries.  

Multicultural Society of  Boston target audience is the international community living in Boston individual professionals, students, families, and organizations interested in celebrating diversity.


In the  beginning...

Summer of 1996

Katy Berndt
Founder & CEO

I was born and raised in Santiago, Dominican Republic. My first trip to the USA was in 1996 to participate in an international exchange program. I spent the summer in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, where I saw my childhood dream come true. I shared a place with international students from 18 different countries. This experience changed my life. I then moved back to the Dominican Republic, where I finished my bachelor's degree in Business administration. 

In 2000, I came back to the USA; I began my professional career in the USA using my bilingual skills as a medical interpreter, which opened up many opportunities to serve people in very vulnerable situations. This work began as a volunteer at a neighborhood center in East Boston.

This voluntary work led me to a 14 years career in  Health Care administration and servicing vulnerable communities.  First as a Patient benefits manager for the infectious disease department and then as the academic and residency program manager for Internal medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital.  

In 2014 I transitioned to be an independent international consultant in strategic partnerships and Event Planning.   The same year, 2014, I began hosting and providing accommodation to international students and teachers from all over the world, once again allowing me to be in contact with a diverse population.

Boston is my second home, an enchanted place for those pursuing  advancement in their  careers.

I currently run an Event Planning and Strategic Partnership Consultation business.

I love social events, I enjoy live music and meeting people from other cultures.




With our rich history, diverse neighborhoods, and legacy of arts, culture, and education, Boston has something for everyone. 

The diverse communities in Boston

We are community
We are interested in learning about who lives in our city and how we can connect