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Community initiatives and leadership in our city: meet Tania Del Rio, Nigesca Maxime, Vivianne Kamba, Yamileth López and Hector Pina. 

We have so many opportunities for growth and community engagement that we, sometimes, may not even know where to start. That is why we are here, the Multicultural Society of Boston. We want to learn. We want to see what is out there, who is out there doing what. And because some of us have incredible stories about movements and migrations, we feel compelled to stop and look closely at where we live. 

And what we have found is amazing. We have a large community of entrepreneurs, thinkers, and community leaders who have come from all over, who have diverse backgrounds and life stories, and who strive to make our city a better place to live.  

I am grateful to have joined Katy, who has shared her vision for connection to the multicultural society we are lucky to have in Boston. Together, we have embarked on a journey that seeks to unite our diverse communities. 

It has been fascinating to be able to do something different, something new. And this involved us going through our contact lists and the internet and picking up the phone to introduce ourselves and explain our mission. We want to learn about our city, and we want to connect and provide a space to exchange ideas and experiences. We believe we need each other to move forward because we are not alone. We can always offer support if we can. 

And so, in this way, we went on, and with patience and perseverance, we did it. We created the re-launch virtual event, and we were fortunate to have outstanding speakers who shared their experiences and important information about their community organizations. Their contribution was educational and powerful.

We believe that the knowledge they shared with us will help and develop our efforts to support our communities. In this manner, we are sharing here insights from our valued community members. We want to forward this excellent knowledge to our other members who could not attend -and if you wish to, please send us any materials you think will be helpful to share as well. We want to share your organization’s web pages, biographies, and contact information. The more we know, the better. 

 So, here we start: 

YWCA Cambridge Executive Director Tania Del Rio shared essential insights dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women, and promoting peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all.


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Nigesca Maxime from Boston Higher Education Resource Center, who is a 

Passport to College Coach discussed the importance of supporting individuals who want to study at a higher level and spoke about her mission to equip first-generation immigrants to go to college. This program starts at the high school level providing resources, connections, and skills to get in and stick through college and launch a career. 


Vivianne Kamba, a Program Coordinator at Eliot, CHS, and a clinician, has worked for the last three years in a small organization: the St Dominic Foundation in Mbujimayi, DRC Congo. The organization works on farming, preventive health projects addressing healthy pregnancies, and safe childbirth and education by building a platform providing access to online books for Congolese youth.

 st Dominic information services

Venezuelan, community leader, and member of the Board of Directors of (Manos Unidas Saliendo Adelante), a non-profit organization that focuses on helping Latinos, immigrants, and low-income people, Yamileth López graduated from UMASS with a bachelor’s in administration and a specialization in accounting. With MUSA, she helps our immigrant communities to establish themselves in Boston. 

And finally, but not least, Hector Pina, Board Member at the Boston of Arts Academy Foundation, President/CEO of Tres Islas Restaurant Group Corporation. 




We thank our panelists for being with us, supporting our cause. We believe that their participation is an essential step toward a more active movement to inclusiveness and celebration of a multicultural society of Boston.


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